The science behind wearing an aftershave

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The science behind wearing an aftershave

Blokes young and old have worn an aftershave of some kind since the early 1700’s, when Italian expat Giovanni Maria Farina created and sold the first bottle of Eau de Cologne in a town of western Germany called …. well you guessed it … Cologne.

Today the aftershave industry is worth a staggering £20 million and selling over 80,000 bottles each year. With most guys owning an average of 3 bottles at any one time it’s easy to see why this industry is booming.

You probably think that after all these years you would have mastered the simple task of applying aftershave, but what if I said you’re doing it wrong.

You see, most aftershaves perform best on places that generate a lot of heat, not only will this give off the most scent throughout the day, but it will also come in handy when you need it most and get hot and sweety.

Where to apply

The following places are the best for heat and optimum scent release.

Top Of Chest
Under Wrists
Back Of Neck

What not to do

So, we have told you where and how to apply, but what about what not to do. One of the biggest mistakes people make when putting on their morning scent is to rub the area they just sprayed. Rubbing cologne will alter the signature notes drastically, and you may be missing out on the smells you wanted when you purchased your aftershave.

Over applying can be a common mistake, with a decent aftershave you should only need 3-4 squirts, otherwise, you’ll only achieve annoying the fellow commuters on the train with your overpowering Bergamot.

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