How To Save Time In The Morning

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How To Save Time In The Morning

Do you hate getting up in the morning, would you like to feel fresh and lively, would you like to make time for breakfast or even have that extra ten min lay in?. Then you need to read this, as this article will show you how.

Number one

Go to bed at a reasonable time Adults should be getting around 9-10 hours of sleep each night, but it mostly depends on you. Some people can have to many hours sleep and feel tired in the morning, or people can around 6-7 hours sleep and feel lively and motivated in the mornings.

Number two

Set your alarm Here are two great tips, try setting roughly about three alarms to help you get up. For example, if you get up at 8:00 set alarms for 7:30, 7:45 and then 8:00. this way each alarm should start making you feel more alert, but still allowing you to relax for half an hour before getting up.

If you have a loud enough alarm to put at the other end of the room, then give this one ago. Set your alarm for the time you get up and put it up the other end of the room. This way you have no choice but to get up and out of bed to turn that annoying, loud, repetitive alarm off.

Number three

Gather up what you need for the next day Everyone has items that they need to get through the day with, try gathering them all up together in the evening in a safe place for the morning. This will save you so much time and effort rushing around the house wondering where on earth you had put your belongings.

Number four

Use the bathroom first Prepare everything in the bathroom that you are going to need in the morning. Try and use the bathroom first, as this is probably the place you are going to be using most of your morning time in. To save that little bit of extra time you could hang your clothes up in the bathroom, so that when you have dried yourself, your clothes are right there ready to put on.

Number five

Wrap your hair If you are a woman, then try wrapping your hair as soon as you get out of the shower. This way you have saved about five minutes drying it, when you could of been getting your clothes and face on.

Number six

Grooming routine Before you go to bed get everything out for the morning so that you save time trying to find your grooming equipment. This way you can walk straight in the bathroom and start your grooming within seconds.

Number seven

Breakfast Eat something quick and easy in the morning that you could make within seconds. Your best option to go for with this is cereals, or even Breakfast bars as another option. If you are not keen on cereals then give fruit with yogurt ago, this is something you can prepare at night for the morning.

Number eight

Get out the door When leaving the house, try and leave early with a few minutes to spare. This will help prevent you from getting stressed, when something on your way to work does not go according to your plan.


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