Men’s Jewelry Guide

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June 13, 2017
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Men’s Jewelry Guide


Some men think that watches are the only jewelry that a man should wear, and that wearing jewelry is feminine and does not look masculine. But given the growth in the market over the past few years, it seems plenty of us are now giving it a go.

Bracelets are perfect for adding personality and character to your look when wearing casual or business wear clothing . A smart and non tacky leather bracelet will add to that rugged look depending on your outfit. ‘A little tip’ Try teaming a jet black or rich dark brown design with a short sleeved shirt, some tailored shorts and a pair of leather loafers for a refined yet laid-back aesthetic.

If your style is more rugged than buttoned up, think about a colourful beaded bracelet from brands such as Ted Baker. These work well with a few on the wrist, all different shapes and sizes. Or both of your wrists and can be combined with casual beach wear.


This can be a dangerous bath to go down than bracelets and cuffs. Necklaces are extremely difficult to wear as its hard to Get it right, and finding it to work well with an outfit could be tricky.

The best thing to do here is to keep things mild, do not go and get a huge ugly chain that makes you look like snoop or Ali G. Plus Necklaces that are big traditionally associated with women’s wear, so look for slim to medium width chains and try and keep it silver. Give layering your necklaces ago, but making sure the styles you’ve chosen are going to make this work nicely under the collar of a smart shirt buttoned-up to the top.

If you feel that metal is not for you, try a leather or beaded design. These look awesome with unbuttoned, but maximum of two buttons.


Rings can be mixed and matched to suit a series of different spring/summer wear. Plain gold or rose gold silver cuffs work well, but rings with the same metals really look like wedding rings. Instead, try going for designs cast from oxidized silver, brushed brass and zinc, or go for styles in gold, rose gold and silver that are engraved, feature cut out/lattice effects or have plaited inserts so as to shake off the wedding look.

When layering up, make sure that all your rings are not to chunky so they blend in nicely with your clothes and are not making your hands look loud. With this also make sure you wear silver rings, as a man with gold covered hands just does not look good ‘full stop’.

Cuff links

Something that really helps finish off on formal wear, but is probably the last thing you would see on summer’s more scorching days, many of us will have one or two occasions where cuff links are worn.

While silver and gold styles work well year-round, it’s worth taking advantage of the warmer weather and push the boat out by mixing things up a little. Being small and discreet, cuff links are awesome for introducing some seasonal colour to a lightweight cotton shirt and beige linen suit combination. You will find all different designs of cuff links online that would really work well with that summer wear.



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