How to Tie a Tie

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May 11, 2017
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How to Tie a Tie


Its all about the Windsor Knot

Many people think the Windsor Knot got its name after the Duke of Windsor, he never specifically used the Windsor Knot but he did prefer a wide triangular knot. The Dukes preferred flavour of knot was the Four-in-hand, this style of knot is specially useful for extra thick ties. The Windsor knot was perfected by the public as a way to imitate the Duke's style. The Windsor provides a symmetrical and traditional style of knot and is best suited for a spread collar.

So How Do I Tie A Windsor Knot

The Windsor Knot might not be the most basic of knots but in 11 easy steps you will be able to master tying a tie. We have put together a step by step diagram to help you learn.

1. Start with the larger end of the tie on the right and the small on the left. The tip of the small end should rest slightly above your belly-button.
2. Wide end over the small end to the left.
3. Up into the neck loop from underneath.
4. Down to the left.
5. Around the back of the small end to the right.
6. Up to the center, towards neck loop.
7. Through the neck loop and down to the right.
8. Across the front to the left.
9. Up into the neck loop from underneath.
10. Down through the loop you've just created in the front.
11. Tighten the knot by pulling down on the wide end. Slide the knot up & adjust.

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