How To Choose A Wine

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June 19, 2017
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How To Choose A Wine

This is for people who are really unsure about what wines to buy, where to buy them and what to choose when out in a restaurant. Are you that person that is left kind of fumbling around, swirling whatever you ordered at the restaurant in the glass and smelling it in an attempt to seem like you know what the hell you’re doing?. Then you really need to read this to get your knowledge up about how to choose the best wines.

Read the label

When looking for a wine, do not just look at the cute colourful  label. Wines that say table wine or California wine might be perfectly delicious, they also raise red flags. These wines are composed of grapes from a very large region and, although good quality, could be bland.

Why it could be on sale

When you first walk in to that wine store, the first thing you see is that wine on sale. This could be because the wine just isn’t selling and the store wants to clear out inventory. This does not necessarily equal a bad wine, but it’s something to look out for before stocking up on.

Know your adjectives

This is a big distinction,especially for those who say they do not like sweet wines. There is a difference between a sweet wine and one that is a fruity wine. Sweet wines, like a port, tend to be more syrupy, which is wine’s way of exhibiting sweetness. Your nose may have the smell of tropical fruit and honeysuckle but, upon tasting, are crisp, clean and wash out the mouth in a quick flush.

Choosing pairings

Choosing the pairings is very important, as it brings out the flavor and matches the flavor with the wine.  light with light and rich with rich. Meaning sea food and chicken pair amazingly with crisp white wines and red meats and cheeses pair well with full bodied reds. As for a great contrasting pairing, Classic oysters with a New World Sauvignon Blanc, such as a great option from New Zealand, “The salty brine of the oysters is balanced by the fruit-forward expression of this grape.


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