How to deal with your hairy back

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July 3, 2018
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How to deal with your hairy back

When someone imagines running their fingers through luscious thick locks of hair, they are not normally referring to the wire wool covering another person back. Let’s face it, when have you ever had a woman pay compliments to your back hair.

While the NHS won’t accept that hairy backitus is a real issue that they can cure, it affects a massive percentage of the male population. Most men have two types of this dreaded hairy back, either forming in patches around the shoulder blades or the more degrading ‘gorilla back’.  Every group of friends has that one guy who looks more like a silver back … if your thinking who that is, chances are it’s you.

However, instead of blaming an ancient voodoo lady for cursing your great great grandad with the hairy back curse, there is hope out there.

You might have thought in the past to tape a Bic razor to a broom handle and going to town on your weed patch behind, or asking your signific other the embarrassing request of taming your back hair. Luckily there are a few companies that truly understand your woes and have developed a shaver just for this purpose.

Bakblade has created the ultimate way of getting rid of back hair with an ergonomically designed, long-handled electric shaver that easily reaches every part of your back, even those struggling hairs above your bum crack.


Sorry about that horrendous image that’s now brunt in your mind, but if you’re still reading, then that might be you. Bakblade should be able to clear up most of your issues but why after millions of years of evolution do we still have this awkward area of hair growth.

Why do we have back hair?

While most parts of the human body have a place and purpose, back hair may only seem to be there to provide warmth in the cold months, but we have jackets and jumpers now.

Testosterone is the hormone that is more prevalent in men than woman, while it might make your manhood the size you want, it’s also a key player in giving your back its wooly coat. Given the fact that some men have higher levels of testosterone, some men also have much hairier backs.

Although we have been talking about getting rid of that dreaded hair, a bit of back hair is not an issue. If it’s not worrying you, or your other half, then leave it be!

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