Choosing the right wallet for you

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May 9, 2017
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Choosing the right wallet for you

Ditching the cards you do not use

If you have a big empty garage, chances are it will soon be full to the top of things that you have chucked to one side and then later on in the year wonder why you have all this stuff that you will never use. This is just like the wallet that you own. Your wallet always ends up filled with old receipts, cards that you have hardly used or never will use, gift voucher cards that ran out two years ago, change that you will never use because no one has change these days and a few euros that you are keeping for next years holiday.

Stop hoarding

To help you stop this wallet hoarding just empty out your wallet and look at what you actually will need, what you do not use, what you have never used and put away those cards that rarely leave your wallet. Once you have sorted out your wallet you will then relies how much rubbish you horde and will be surprised about how light your wallet is now.
To keep your wallet from containing cards, receipts and change that you will never use again its time to get a more suitable wallet for yourself.

Wallet tips

  • Purchase a slimmer wallet

  • Purchase a real leather wallet

  • Get a wallet that will only have a 3-4 card holding slots

  • Do not get a wallet with a money pouch as trouser pockets can be used for change

  • Do not get a wallet with any key-ring attachments on it

  • look at Tri-fold wallets or Billfold

  • Look at wallets with built in money clips


The quality is such an important part of the wallet and making sure it is real leather and spending that bit more for a wallet that you are using everyday is worth it. When looking for a new house you want to make sure that the structure is going to keep everything inside safe, and this is just like a wallet. I would always make sure I have a high quality wallet that is going to keep my money safe and secure.

If you end up buying a cheap quality wallet it could:

  • Split

  • Thread

  • Tear

  • Scratch

  • Your cards might not fit comfortably

  • Your notes might hang out the top of the wallet

  • Wallet could be out of shape

Classic Look

When it comes to the colour I think that the lighter tones of English bridle is the best looking. As the wallet ages it also gets that used character look about it and I always prefer the look of a used wallet. Getting sun on the leather will also change the colour of the wallet and you would often get one dark side of a wallet and one light side.

Keeping safe from thieves

Thieves are every where you go these days and are always looking out for a way to steel your possessions when you are not looking. Having a small discrete wallet helps preventing this. With a big chunky wallet its hard to put it in a safe place on your person so ends up being put in other bigger pocket such as your back jean pocket, your coat that you put on the back of your chair when you are out for lunch or laid out on the table because your wallet is digging in your leg when you try to sit down.
With a much smaller and thinner wallet you will be able to keep it in a safe place on your person and wont be eye catching to the thieves out in the community.

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