Choosing The Right Bracelet

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June 19, 2017
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Choosing The Right Bracelet

Most men find it hard to wear jewelry, as it can make them feel a bit feminine or have no confidence in trying something new that could stand out. There is a wade range masculine style bracelets,that would look good on any man. Below is a list of different types of bracelets and when might be the appropriate time to wear them.

Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets are one of the easiest choices to choose from as they can go with anything, weather it is casual or Businesses wear. Leather bracelets can also make you look refined, yet approachable.

How to match leather bracelets

You can find different colours of leather as they are dyed, so you can match up with a wide range. whatever colour you wear or what type of clothes you choose to wear, are easy to match with a Bracelet.

When wearing a bracelet do not match it up with the same colour clothing (light colour of clothing, choose a darker natural leather bracelet). If you want to wear a Bracelet with a colour that stands out more (green, blue or red), then match it up with the same colour tie, belt, shoes or socks, nothing to loud. you want to help make that bracelet eye catching.

Where to wear leather

Leather can be matched to nearly every event, but try and keep it away from a black tie event, as this would just not go well. it would stand out in a bad way and would clash with smart and casual.

Beaded bracelets

Beaded bracelets only look good if you wear a few at a time, as just the one on the wrist seems to look plain, boring and gives it that feeling of something missing. When wearing Beaded bracelets mix it up with big and small beads to get it to stand out more and give it that messy look.

How to match beaded bracelets

Matching beaded bracelets can give it a boring look, plus can be hard to match as you are looking at size, shape and texture as well. one good rule is to match the colours of the bracelets with something else in your outfit (belt, tie, socks, watch, or jewelry).

Where to wear beads

Any large colourful Beaded bracelets would not be appropriate for formal events. But these would be great to wear with Khakis or jeans, even if you wear something casual as a t-shirt. Some beaded bracelets can be small which could make them more understated to wear at work a setting, even is it is with a suite.



Stainless steel bracelets

Stainless steel bracelets, weather bands, links, mixed media such as stainless steel around a leather cord, a strong piece of jewelry and can be matched to nearly anything. Like the leather bracelets you can wear these every where you go, weather its work or a formal even. Stainless steel can make a bracelet look very masculine.

How to match stainless steel

Coloured stainless steel is something that you can match with anything. It would be best if you make sure that all of your other accessories are also stainless steel, or just plain silver. Try and avoid stainless steel with gold coloured accessories.

Where to wear stainless steel

If this is going to be your first bracelet, you should consider steel because it is so easy to match with anything you wear and can wear it at any occasion. Stainless steel can even be worn at a black tie or formal occasion, as long as its something elegant and not all loose and tacky.



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