8 easy ways to make your house stay clean longer

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June 24, 2017
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8 easy ways to make your house stay clean longer

Spread out your cleaning supplies

Instead of storing all of your household cleaning produce in one place spread them around the house. In each room keep some simple cleaning products that you would need do use in that room, to do a quick spring clean. When all your cleaning products are in one place its hassle to carry them all around the house, dropping them down the stairs on your way up and forgetting something when u are already in that room to clean. You can easily store a few cleaning products in each room such as a cloth for dusting, anti-bacterial wipes and some furniture polish.

Keeping the carpet clean

The most hardest thing to keep clean in the house is the carpet. things are constantly being dropped on the floor or carried around the house on our feet, in areas of your house one of the places that the carpet will get dirty all the time is the living room where you sit.

With the living room you can lay down a large rug to catch all of the food and dirt that gets on to the floor. when that rug is looking a little dirty, you could hoover the rug or give it a good shake outside. This then saves your carpet from any impeded dirt or stains that will be hard to remove.

Leave more at the Door

At the front and back doors of your home place two mats, one inside the door and the other on the outside of the door. The family can then use the outside mat to get all that thick dirt of there feet,  then use the other mat indoors to stand on whilst they put their shoes on the shoe rack. This way will stop any dirt getting from your front door any where else around your house.

Take it back upstairs

In a busy house hold where you have lots of kids, things always get brought downstairs but should be upstairs where they usually belong. With this, you just set out a simple rule and get them to take something upstairs when they are heading up there. Not only does this save you the job of doing it but it also keeps the downs stairs clean and tidy.

The dumping area

If your family has that habit of dumping everything on the dining room table, when they come in from work or school, there is a great way to stop this from happening any more. Always make sure that the dining room table is set for dinner then this way they wont be able to plonk down there bags because the table is laid with cutlery, plates and glasses.

Making cleaning time fun

All children love games so why not turn cleaning in to a game. With this you set a timer and get them to see who can clean there room the fastest, children love a competitive game as they always want to be the one to win.


Keeping your curtains clean is a real hassle, and can become such an effort when its time to clean them. So give machine washable curtains ago. With this you can just take them down throw them in the wash, leave them to dry and then hang them back up again. Simple, easy and no hassle getting to those hard to clean areas.

spare socks

One of the biggest nightmares for the main cleaner in the house is finding spare socks about. To stop this from happening try giving your children a mesh laundry bag’s, with this put them in their room and they can put all there socks in the mush bag. from there just throw the mesh bag in to the wash and this will prevent finding any odd socks left around the house.


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