5 Moisturisers That Men Love

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July 3, 2018
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July 4, 2018

5 Moisturisers That Men Love


In Ancient Egypt, creams and oils were used as skin moisturisers to protect them from the hot, dry climate. But today we have now progressed a lot further, from rubbing goat fat into our skin to stop us from turning in to stale toast. There is a huge range of skincare products for hands, lips, nail’s, and face.

Some moisturisers are now very expensive, and we all fool for that expensive price thinking that it must be good. But, you really don’t need to spend that much to get a good healthy moisturiser. Check out the five I have selected below and choose your new affordable moisturiser.



Bulldog Oil Control Moisturiser

Bulldog Skincare is a daily use product that will hydrate your skin with natural ingredients. It is also vegan-friendly, making your skin will look and feel great if you have a problem with oily skin.

This product works because it has a formula that delivers a veil of non-greasy hydration to the skin. It is enriched with skin loving Which Hazel, Willow Bark and Juniper. All of these ingredients visibly improve the skin’s texture as well as getting rid of excess oil from the skin.

L’oreal Soothing Birch Sap Moisturiser

I am a little bit fussy about using L’Oreal products, but this product is great,  it leaves the skin very soft and really fresh. This product is brilliant for sensitive skin as it does not have any strong ingredients that could affect the sensitive skin.

Having this product enriched with Birch Sap formula helps soothe the sensations of razor burn after having a close face shave. I highly recommend testing out this product, especially if you have sensitive skin.

The Shave Doctor Moisturiser

If you are really fussy about moisturisers, then this is a brilliant product to use. The shave Doctor offers intense care for the skin which will make it soft and look great. It addresses the issues of dry skin specially formulated so it is smooth and easy to apply.

If you enjoy the thicker creamier shaving foam that you can see when applying to your face, this will be the product for you.

Johnnys Chop Shop: Soul Balm

Johnny’s have been doing hair products for a while now, but they have now started to do a range of skin care products. This product works as a moisturiser and also a shave balm, you apply the cream after your daily shave which will leave you feeling clean and fresh.

This moisturiser is really good for people that have sensitive skin if they suffer from rashes or nasty spots with other products. This product is very easy to apply as it is very thin and does not leave white marks that you might not notice.

Nomads Natural: Natural and Vegan

This product is perfect for people that are looking for natural ingredients as it is 100%vegan, so if you are vegan, this product is perfect for you. This moisturiser cream is very thick because of the natural ingredients that it carries, but it leaves your skin very smooth and nicely moist.

surprisingly, even though it is all natural ingredients, it smells really nice and can even be used as a body cream. If you want this product to be a bit softer when you want to apply, then try leaving it in a warmer environment. If not, then this product should start to soften as you apply it on your area. This product is a little bit more expensive that the ones above, but I can tell you now, it is worth the money.




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